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Our Vision, Mission Statement & Core Values

Our Vision

To be a global asset-leasing and engineering company specializing in multi-redeployment floaters and integrated engineering solutions.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide high quality, fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and fast-track services and solutions to all customers.
  • To be a fully committed in fulfilling customers' expectations by inculcating a sense of belonging and ownership among all staff.
  • To develop and uplift local homegrown engineering capabilities to the global arena. 

Our Core Value

FAITH in Allah is the underlying foundation of MTC core values, which includes upholding the Islamic values and teachings for the well being of humanity and other creations.

HUMAN CAPITAL is the most important asset of MTC. Members of MTC are treated with respect and dignity. Every member is given equal opportunity for personal development and in seeking work-life balance.

INTEGRITY penetrates every aspect of MTC conducts and business dealings without compromise.

SAFETY at all time is the standard practice of MTC. An unsafe act is not an option.

SUSTAINABILITY of the environment and its stakeholders are the cornerstones of MTC business activities and endeavor.

CUSTOMER FOCUSED in delivering its services. MTC will always deliver its services beyond the customer’s expectation.

INNOVATIVENESS AND CREATIVITY are the aspiration and challenge undertaken by every MTC members.