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Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

In our endeavor to be a regional naval architect and marine engineering services of choice, we will strive to achieve excellence in all our activities especially in Health, Safety and Environment. This is an essential part of the company business.

MTC is committed in ensuring that its workplaces are safe, the health of its workers are protected and its activities have no adverse effect on the environment. We plan to achieve this by the following principles:

  • To set objectives and provides leadership in ensuring our workforce meets the targets set by the company;
  • To foresee and assess all HSE hazards and risk and manage them to acceptable levels;
  • Compliance with all relevant HSE legislation and other requirements of the company;
  • Emphasize to all employees and all others working for us, their responsibility and accountability for their HSE performance and to encourage safe working behavior at all times;
  • To provide appropriate training, work instructions and proper supervision to ensure competency of employees to perform work safely ad efficiently;
  • Adhere to proactive and continual measures in the prevention of pollution, accidents, injuries, ill health, property damages and protection of the environment and natural resources;
All employees are responsible for the implementation and upholding the principles of this policy throughout the organization, this policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate. It shall be communicated to all personnel working for and on behalf of the company.


It is the policy of MTC that all employees and Sub Contractors have the RIGHT TO STOP any work when there is an immediately threat to the safety, health and environment.

The individual’s right to stop any work, which is considered dangerous shall have the full support from the management of MTC. if there is any doubt whether to stop work, employees including Sub Contractors should immediately notify the hazardous situation to the superior in charge for immediate action.

Prior to re-commencement of such work, the advice from the QHSE Department is to be sought.